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Author Interview: Cory Travis

Today we are interviewing author Cory Travis. Cory lives with his wife and children in Alaska. He has 3 self-published books available on Amazon and through our store here on Beal Press.

Beal Press (BP): Can you tell us why you decided to start writing and what motivates you to keep writing?

Cory Travis (CT): Absolutely. I started writing because I love stories. One of my hobbies is playing video games, but my favorite games have always been the ones with a story. I love good movies (a bad ending will ruin it for me every time and I’ll never watch that movie again) and of course good books. I love stories in any form, as long as they are engaging, believable, and character driven. I feel like I have stories inside of me that need to get out and writing is a good way for me to do that. I hope that they are entertaining and other people can find some value in them too.

BP: Who are some of your favorite authors?

CT: I grew up reading Zane Grey westerns, but my love of Star Wars led me to discover Timothy Zahn, James Lucerno, and other sci-fi greats like Orson Scott Card. I’m also a fan of Dean Koontz – nobody does fast paced stories with compelling characters quite like he does.

BP: What do you do when not working on your next book?

CT: Mostly just hang out with my family. Alaska has a lot to offer, both in the summer and winter months, it’s a very unique place with lots to explore and do. We also enjoying traveling as often as we are able to get away.

BP: Last question. Who is your favorite character from the books you have written?

CT: That’s a lot like asking a parent to pick their favorite child, lol. I’m going to cheat a little and pick two – Jack and Jill from Space Devils. I actually named these two on a whim as a place-holder with the intention of changing their names later, but I liked it so much that the names stayed. I love their dynamic. Plus, I’m kind of hopeless romantic at heart, so they are my favorite couple.

Check out all of Cory Travis’ books here.

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