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Books for Screenwriters

Books for Screenwriters

If you want to know how to write screenplays then you need to read books for screenwriters.

As you may have guessed, most screenwriters have their own preferences when it comes to which books are their favorites. Some help you learn the technical aspects of how to write screenplays, others offer lessons on character and world development, while still others teach you how to actually sell your screenplay once it's written.

Let's take a look at some of the most helpful and oft-recommended books out there:

1. The Hollywood Standard

This is the one book every aspiring (and working) screenwriter must have. Any question you have about how to format the various different aspects of screenplay can be found here. This is a must have! If you are buying your first book in screenwriting, this should be it.

2. Save The Cat

This is a great book that will help you develop a story that will sell. Blake Snyder is entertaining and experienced in the business, so his advice is both fun to read and very helpful.

3. The Anatomy of Story

John Turby is one of the great teachers when it comes to screenwriting. In this book he offers sound advise based on mythology and philosophy alongside personal anecdotes that will make this one an amazingly informative read.

4. Screenplay: The Foundations of Screenwriting

This book offers step-by-step, concept to fade-out techniques for writing a screenplay. It also answers some of the industries most common questions, like "why are the first ten pages so important?" and "how do you adapt a novel, play, or article into a screenplay?". Aside from The Hollywood Standard, I would say that this is the most important book for screenwriters.

5. The Writer's Journey

A classic among writers everywhere and in every genre. This book takes a deeper look at story and what it means to tell stories that are meaningful and profound.







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