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What’s in a Name?

What’s in a Name?

Let’s say you have a great idea for a blog. It can be about anything from cooking to World War II. You have your content planned out. Maybe you have even started working on the layout and design for your blog. But what you don’t have is a name. I mean what are you going to call this thing anyway? This brainchild of yours is perfect, it’s going to change the world, maybe even make you rich. But first, it needs a name.

A blog name should be something unique, easy to remember, and easy to spell. There’s also something to be said for cleverness and humor; people tend to remember clever names and things that make them laugh.

Let’s start brainstorming! First think about your subject. What is your main focus going to be?

Next, look at similar blogs on the internet – you do this for two reasons: first, to get ideas, and second, to make sure you aren’t’ using the same name as someone else.

Now, write down every idea you come up with, it doesn’t matter if it’s silly, serious, or right on-the-nose, just get them written down. Look at the thesaurus for some fun ideas on utilizing different words with similar meanings.

Once you have all of your ideas written down it’s time to shorten that list down to a handful of workable names that are your favorites. When you have your list check to make sure your domain name isn’t already taken, you can do this by utilizing a simple Google search.

Finally, now that all of that is done it’s time to make a decision. The choice is ultimately yours and nobody can tell you for certain which is the right choice for you and your blog. Choose the one that makes you laugh. Or the one that sounds clever and is easy to remember. But whichever one you choose, just make sure it conveys the theme of your blog to your audience.

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